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We create scalable, top-notch knowledge-intensive software solutions for both enterprises and start-ups

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  • Fast product ideation & prototyping
    Discovery assistance and hackathon-speed solutions to prototype and test your ideas by extremely professional team and multiple low code and no code options to test the idea. free 30 minutes consultation with our delivery department included.
  • Establish effective processes
    To achieve your business goals, you need to establish effective processes in your team or transition to Agile. With our free initial consultation and in-depth external technical expertise and support we provide Agile transformation support.
  • Research & Development
    Feasibility research is required? Or are you ready to create MVP? Aspire to cut infrastructure costs and optimize your development budget? We provide in-depth technical expertise, Infrastructure cost audit MVP development, scale and launch.
Our services
We create scalable, first-class knowledge-intensive software solutions for both enterprises and start-ups
Custom software development
Web-based & Mobile solutions with Cloud or custom hardware infrastructure, including coverage for both enterprise and b2c tasks and needs.
Web & Mobile
design and UX
We also in a state of art not only with technology, but design and user experience. We are fans of interfaces that make users happy. Get Great Visual and Navigating Experiences.
Software development process consulting
We establish transparent, flexible and verifiable development processes with the result-engaged teams, integrate communications and help our clients to improve their performance
Research & Development
We love indeterminacies and unresolvable tasks, because we resolve them. Our analysts and engineering team provide feasibility researches and prototyping at cutting edge of technology
Project discovery
We provide companies, start-ups, and enterprises with project discovery assistance to define software development project scope, aid team recruiting, and support investment raising.
Technical audit
We provide audit for software development firms or IT service providers to assess the security, performance, and efficiency of their technology infrastructure.

Industry expertise
in high load, scalable and cloud web & mobile
Consulting and development of payment technologies. We create billing systems, services for interaction with PSP and banks.
Marketplaces & E-commerce
We have performed numerous local marketplace solutions for both b2b and b2c segments
Search engines
Dynamic multi-dimensional search engine for travel products is within our portfolio as well as numerous full-text searching solutions based on modern and proved stacks
Social networking
Our key experts were at the forefront of social networking during its boom, as well as involved in the creation of world-famous products.
Web3 / Blockchain / NFTs
Smart contracts are the backbone of distributed ledger technology; we provide solutions aimed at increasing efficiency
and resilience of your project, with advanced and customizable features that are adaptable for a wide range of functions.
Data science & ML
Highload marketing insights solution was developed for our client based on automatic web visitors clusterization, which helped to discover previously unknown customers segments and adjust sales strategy.
Business ops automation
There are a huge amount of ERP, CRM, SCM, CPM, HRM, WMS, EAM, EDMS systems are widely present on market, but sometimes it's more effectively and more cheap to implement custom management tools adjusted to your unique business processes from the stratch.
Marketing automation
We had provided various bidding algorithms for CPA / CPC solutions as well as marketing/communication automations
VR / AR / Metaverse
Tailored immersive experiences, allowing users to access utilities, base activities, and events. The possibility is endless, from marketplaces and PZE games, to exclusive rooms and much more.
Agile mindset
More than just a coding team
Our collaborations are based on trust, value, and respect. By prioritizing these principles, we maximize the return on your technology investment and foster an agile work culture that extends to the businesses we work with.
Embracing transparency
WOW R&D is a remote-first company, and we prioritize open communication and transparency among our team members. We developed practices to help us all stay aligned and updated on work processes, ensuring productive collaborations.
To embody transparency values in our team and collaborations, we use well-aligned set of popular management and communication tools, which provide real-time information about your dev team’s recent project activity based on daily stand-ups and labor costs, and worklog reports.
This data helps us track progress better, distribute the workload, and provide complete information about each stage of your project development.

  • We are also flexible enough to adjust our processes to your infrastructure environment if it already exists
Core stack
We love to use, but not limited to
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